Welcome Researcher Heng Luo from National Engineering Research Center for Compounding and Modification of Polymer materials, Chi

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Researcher Heng Luo, National Engineering Research Center for Compounding

and Modification of Polymer materials, China

Research Area:

Application Research of Polymer Composite Materials

Research Experience:

Heng Luo, a researcher, is mainly engaged in the application research of polymer composite materials. He is good at solving practical technical problems in industrial engineering. He has been responsible for the development of "artificial marble", "imitation jade crafts", and "composite modified polymer lamp posts" More than ten scientific research projects, including "DMC molded well cover", "brown fiber elastic material latex formula and fiber deodorization project", "high-performance spray film waterproof material", "composite wear-resistant pipeline", "chemical descaling pipeline" R & D and industrialization in enterprises, the relevant output value reached more than 100 million yuan. As the first designer, he has obtained more than 10 national patents, published more than 20 papers in core journals, won 3 third prizes of provincial scientific and technological progress awards, 3 third prizes of municipal scientific and technological achievements, and 1 fourth prize of municipal scientific and technological achievements. There are 1 third prize in the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in the city, 1 first prize in the provincial innovation contest and 1 second prize. Provincial Party Committee “Policy Consultant Expert”, Provincial Government Project Bid Evaluation Expert, Special Commissioner of Science and Technology of Guiyang City, in 2017 won special allowance from Guizhou Provincial People's Government.