Welcome Dr. Ftema W. Abdalhade. Aldbea from Sebha University, Libya to be Committee Member! 

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Dr. Ftema W. Abdalhade. Aldbea, ebha University, Libya

Research Area: 

- Advanced materials

- Nanoscience and nanotechnology

- Condensed matter

- Material Science


- Thin film

Research Experience:

1- The Research experience in topics, including

- Coating and deposition

- Garnet thin film and garnet characterization

- Doping and co-dope garnet thin film with rare earth (Tb,Er….etc)

- Co-dope garnet thin film with Al3+ and rare earths elements.

- ZnO doped with Ga thin film

- Thin film and thick film

- Sol-gel method

- Spray pyrolysis

- Nanoparticles

- Magnetic and magnetism

- Annealing

- Materials

- Magnetic characterisation.

- Spin coating technique

- Thermal evaporation deposition

- Magneto-optical properties (FR)

- Microstructural characterization ( FE-SEM, TEM, EDX and AFM )

- Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM)

- Surface analysis (XPS, AES)

- Structural analysis (XRD and XRF)

- UV/vis

- Photoluminescence (PL)

- Fourier transmittance infra red (FTIR)

Teaching and supervisory Experience

- Electricity and magnetism physics

- General physics

- Electromagnetic theory

- Solid state (BSc &MSc)

- Quantum mechanics (BSc &MSc)

- Statistical Mechanics (BSc)

- Classical Mechanics (BSc &MSc)

- Analytical Mechanics (Mathematical MSc students)

- General Physics for agriculture students

- Special relativity

- Supervising BSc students at physics department, Sebha University (Libya)

-Supervising BSc, supervising and guide in preparation samples for BSc, MSc and PhD students at

National University of Malaysia (UKM).