Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

2020 5th International Conference on Advances in Materials, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering (ICAMMCE 2020) aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of Materials, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:


  Materials Science and Materials Processing Engineering


   Materials of lighting source


  Semi-conductor materials


  Insulating materials


  Electronic materials


  Non-ferrous Metal material


  Iron and Steel




  Micro / Nano Materials




  Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials


  New Functional Materials


  Building Materials and Environmentally Friendly Materials

  New Energy Materials


  Environmental Friendly Materials


  Earthquake Materials and Design




  Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems


  Polymeric Materials


  Thin Films


  Corrosion of Materials and Surface treatment technology


  Mechanical Behavior & Fracture


  Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials


  Research and Development of Composite Materials


  Research and Development of New materials


  New materials, New Technology and New Products


   Electronics Engineering


  3D Semiconductor Device Technology


  Adaptive Signal Processing


  Advanced Electromagnetics


  Artificial Intelligence

(5) MEMS的组件技术

  Component Technology of MEMS


  Compound   Semiconductor Physics and Devices


  Computer Engineering


  Device Electronics for I.C


  Electronics System-Level Based Design


  Electronics   & Nano Electronics

(11)电子 - 医疗电子

  Electronics-Medical Electronics


  Epitaxy and   Light-emitting Diodes


  Fiber Optics   and Fiber Devices


  Giant Area   Microelectronics


  Intelligent   Transportation Systems


  Integrated   Optics


  Medicine and   Biology Applications


  Micro/Nano   Systems and Networks


  Mixed Signal   Circuits


  Mobile   Computing


  Mobile   Robotics


  Multimedia   Services and Technologies


  Networks   Design, Protocols and Management


  Optical   Electronic Devices & Photonics


  Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits


  Signal &   Image Processing


  VLSI Testing   and Design for Testability

3. 建筑设计

    Architecture Design


  Architectural design and its theory


  Mapping and GIS


  Measurement engineering


  Computing mechanics


  Construction Technology

(6)计算机模拟和CAD / CAE

  Computer Simulation and CAD / CAE


  Building technology science


  Urban planning and design


  landscape design


  Building Environment and Equipment Engineering




  Project management


  Quality Engineering Supervision and Control


   Engineering Management

4. 土木工程与施工技术

    Civil Engineering and Construction Technology


  Structural Engineering


  Structural monitoring and control


  Structural repair, transformation and reinforcement


  Structural reliability and durability




  Geological Engineering


  Tunnel, subway and underground facilities


  Earthquake engineering


  Water Supply and Drainage


  Coastal engineering


  Heating, gas supply, ventilation and air conditioning works


  Disaster Prevention and Mitigation


   Mechanical and electrical engineering and construction machinery


  Mechanical manufacturing process and equipment


  Mechanical manufacturing automation


  Mechanical history


  Mechanical science


  Mechanical design


  Tool technology


  Machine tool technology


  Fluid drive and control


  Electronic Science and Engineering


  Industrial Electronics and Automation


  Telecommunications services and applications

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